Adopt A Family (AAF) came to life in March 2020 when members of Bali’s local Indonesian community and the expat community all responded to a single post on Facebook around the Covid-19 crisis. It’s the diversity of the nationalities and backgrounds that make Bali the unique place is to start off with and for such a group to all aspire to making a difference to less fortunate people during the pandemic is what makes it amazing. When we started out, our vision was small, a simple food package program but since then we’ve developed AAF into sustainable empowerment for families in need.

“It’s not about who we are, it’s about what we do for the families”


The main focus of Adopt A Family (AAF) is to help people in the community who have become unemployed or who have lost the ability to sustain their families daily meal needs. Our immediate response is to provide them with food. We supply a food package every two weeks for about ten weeks. Additionally though, we want to educate and further support families who demonstrate to us a willingness and capacity to be empowered. Currently we are developing a range of different activities and programs to fulfil this need.

We believe that the right to a healthy lifestyle belongs to everyone and furthermore that sanitation is the cornerstone of this ethos. Good hygiene will help prevent viruses and disease of all kinds from spreading. Therefore, AAF is planning to build proper sanitation in some of the slum areas of Bali which we’ve previously visited during the distribution of food. We believe in the importance of planting the seed and spreading awareness of how to live safely through the Covid-19 pandemic and into the world beyond.


Our vision is to make a difference in the life of children. But to do that properly Adopt A Family (AAF) isn’t focusing on any one individual rather we are looking at the family as a whole to make that small difference in the life of a child.

They say it takes a village to grow children, and we like to take it one step further and say that it will take a family to change an island towards a better and healthier lifestyle. Education is an important aspect of our vision, as we believe that learning is a progressive journey towards a better future. A classroom beyond barriers is the next step towards creating an empowerment and sustainability program.


Adopt A Family (AAF) started out with a very needed and immediate Band-Aid fix, our food packages program, but from the onset we understood that this is a costly and very resource laden care, and will, in the long term, not be sustainable.

How can we get these people to help themselves? We needed to help those we were helping at more of a grass root level, and began to really look at the people that we are helping, to get to know them better, their dreams and their goals in life. We came upon the idea of the Empowerment for Resilience program. We see it as a way of divining the people with skills, empowering them to teach their skills and pass them on. We see families re-learning farming and other more traditional forms of providing for their family and we are looking at providing ways to make small capital advances available to them.

It is an important thing to understand that we need to empower these people to adjust and cope with change, to build creativity through change and to be able to use the resources they have available and can control to create for better living. Empowerment for Resilience is the second phase that AAF is working on.

Providing the bi weekly food packages will not be wound back, we will be educating and empowering while we do it with the goal to leave a family as self-sustaining at the end of the period so that we may be able to turn our attention to the people that have been waiting on the food package list.

Give back to the community by making their lives better together.

Every little bit helps the greater good of the family.

We are encouraging families to be independent.