You can donate easily through our PayPal, or via local and international bank transfers. Funds from Paypal will take 3 to 4 working days to  arrive at our local bank account. There will also be some fees deducted or charged by PayPal and the exchange rate will vary from time to time. If you are sending the fund through a local bank we will then receive it immediately except for LLG which will take 1 to 2 working days to arrive.

Once you have informed us that you have made a donation, you will then be invited to a dedicated Sponsors WhatsApp group where you can share the receipt of your donations and check it with us if it has gone through yet. Being on the WhatsApp group also help you to stay updated on every donations made and also any other information that we shared internally.


At the beginning, the data collection was done by working with local warungs (small restaurants). By giving out meals we then ask them to submit their personal information. We also collected the data of any informal daily workers that we met on the streets, such as street vendors, garbage collectors, parking man, and etc. After the first delivery, then the data started to grow through recommendations of families that we had already helped. It has grown even more since as people now have been asking for help through our social media channels.


All data verifications are done by our dedicated Data Team. We verify all data 5 days prior to any delivery by contacting the families by phone, WhatsApp messages or even visiting them. Once we have a response, we then verified their details. We then invite them into a dedicated WhatsApp group for a particular delivery day. Each delivery group start with up to 50 contact persons (families) at first and as the numbers of waiting list grow, we started to add 10-15 families with a maximum of 100 on each group.

Our delivery day is on Tuesday and Saturday each week unless there are any new implementations or restrictions made by the local government. Verification is a challenge at times as the family may not be available to attend calls or answer WhatsApp messages, there are times when our Data Team will need to visit them at their house and check to their place.


To give enough time for our Purchasing Team to do the purchase, our Data Team will inform on the numbers of family who will receive the food packages two days prior to delivery day. The information contain the numbers of families, couples or singles and also if there are any families who have children under the age of 5 who need milk.

The Purchasing Team will then order the goods according to the information that has been given to them. They always distribute and rotate the purchase of dry/non-perishable goods to several suppliers around Denpasar. Meanwhile the fresh products will be purchased directly from the farmers in Bedugul.

All payments to our suppliers will be made after the goods are received one day prior to the delivery day. The Purchasing & Distribution Team will then count and check them upon receiving it. They will sort the goods according to the given list by the Data Team. All goods are handled with care according to the Covid-19 standard health and safety procedures.


At the same time of passing the information to the Purchasing Team, the Data Team start to create mapping and routing for the Distribution Team to follow during the delivery day. The Data Team will also split the recipients into smaller WhatsApp groups depending on the number of vehicles/volunteers available for that particular delivery.

Each vehicles will have an assigned person from the Distribution Team which then invited to a WhatsApp group that has been prepared by the Data Team with all the contacts of the recipients in it. This way they can communicate easily with all of them.

Every assigned person will have both printed and digital list of the families they have to deliver and a routing system that has prepared by the Data Team that will be used on mobile phones in order to have an efficient and effective delivery.

The Distribution Team are also responsible to document, take photos and videos of all the process and the families who received the food packages for our record and report to our sponsors.


Health and safety of everyone involved is our number one priority. Not only on the process of handling the goods but we also keep reminding everyone including the volunteers and the families to apply self distancing, wear their masks,  wash their hands and wear gloves as they do their part of the day.