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families in need with your help.


Adopt A Family (AAF) came to life in March 2020 when members of Bali’s local Indonesian community and the expat community all responded to a single post on Facebook around the Covid-19 crisis. It’s the diversity of the nationalities and backgrounds that make Bali the unique place is to start off with and for such a group to all aspire to making a difference to less fortunate people during the pandemic is what makes it amazing. When we started out, our vision was small, a simple food package program but since then we’ve developed AAF into sustainable empowerment for families in need.


Adopt A Family after almost 120 days committing our journey with the food packages, we do understand there will be a point that we need to go beyond than just giving the food packages to the family that need.

We believe by empowering them in a way to be able to sustain their living independently that refers both to the process of self-empowerment and to professional support of people, which enables them to overcome their sense of powerlessness and lack of influence, and to recognize and use their resources. To do work with power.
We started the program by interviewing people who received our food packages and asked them what is their goal, what do they want to achieved in their life. To encourage and foster incentives for the average person to do their bit where and when they can; one person can rarely achieve much, but taken as a group, effects in some areas are cumulative. We hope by doing this it will affect the economic development which is about giving people what they want without compromising quality of life, especially in the developing world, and reducing the financial burden and doing the right thing.
As we believe that there will be a point the financial support may not be able to sustain all the food packages. The empowerment program is a program where a family received about Rp. 1.500.000 – Rp. 2.000.000 (which is equal 3-4 value of food package) where they can start their own business, trained and supported by the AAF empowerment team.

With 8 families that would like to start their own home industry business yet never had the opportunity. Sharing the way to start up, the skill, knowledge and ability to manage the finance. We are glad this opportunity were given and the families have started to bloom in each unique way.

Each Families did a short presentation on the business and presenting a very simple financial plan on how it will help their families in the long run as a cashflow and to ensure if one of their partners gets back to work the business will be able to still run.

Our team that consist of Financial Consultant, Social Media and Marketing advisor helping each family to build up their ideas and work one on one from creating the financial plan that they will profit about 30% from their daily sales, creating their brand identity to promoting on their social media.


This program is encouraging the community to grow their vegetables garden. We work together with Tanam Saja and IDEP to be able to provide all the vegetables seed (starter package)
Each starter package is made to grow 2 (200 sqm) are of vegetables garden. We propose and work together with the community who are willing to share their land for this project. We are grateful that presently we are supported by Villa Lotus Canggu , Tanadewa Ubud, Bali Lighthouse Global Community, IKIGAI Bali. By using some part of the land for this purpose.

With the Grow Harvest Share, we asked the participants whom we took from our database (Food Relief Database) who are interested to work on the garden to grow vegetables. The compensation while working for the community garden the will received the financial support that will be able to support their families (equivalent of 2 food packages in a month) and they will be able to take the vegetables they grow sharing with the community.


Clean drinking water, hygiene, and sanitation play an important part in maintaining health. Access to safe drinking water and good sanitation are vital for family well-being. It results in control of enteric diseases, and boosts child health. A healthy child has better learning and retaining ability. Lack of access to safe, clean drinking-water and basic sanitation, as well as poor hygiene cause nearly 90% of all deaths from diarrhoea, mainly in children

Adopt A Family Bali understands that water, hygiene and sanitation is the next step to take as it is the core of health specially during the pandemic time in Bali. We work together with Social Impakt providing water filter to families to ensure clean water is available for them.
We are working towards building better hygiene and sanitation for families in some areas which toilets and bathrooms are very limited.


We start by the end of the first semester of our journey to look deeper in giving the children education and the opportunity of the mother to earn some income during their children are having their learning sessions.
With children vary from 4-8 years old that come from18 families at the present moment and having them learning in a shared community. We start with Bali Lighthouse Global Community who volunteer their teachers to teach the children the basic knowledge for reading and counting.
As many of their parents lost their job during the pandemic in Bali, by giving them the opportunity to have education for a year and reduce the financial load from their parents.
Adopt A Family Bali has committed to support these children learning journey for the next 12 months.

Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.

“Making a difference” sounds like such a big step and a lot of work. Believe us, it’s not. Everyone can make a difference. Every day!














Your donation money are mostly used on the purchase of all food products for the families, as well as for sanitation products such as soaps, shampoos and detergents.

Health & Safety

Purchase of gloves for goods handling, extra masks when donated ones are not available and hygiene products to ensure that all volunteers are clean and safe.


Includes phone credits for data team to do verification, rental of pick-up trucks when volunteer’s cars are limited and meals for volunteers on delivery days.

“Your smallest contributions are making a big difference to the lives of the families living in Bali.”